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A123 branding and communications agency, making your journey to success as easy as 1, 2, 3!


The number 1 embodies the idea of the first step and the initial main goal.


Moving on to 2, it represents the second step in providing tailored solutions.


Finally, the number 3 symbolizes the final step of our journey — the result.


Business management and consulting

Strategic analysis and reasoned decisions are needed to cope with the complexity of today's business. In order to grasp your objectives, problems and opportunities, our experienced team will work close with you. We provide you with specific guidance, that fuels growth and nurtures lasting success, regardless of whether you are a new business attempting to move forward or an existing firm focused on innovation.

Business management and control, consultancy

We can help you manage the challenges your business faces, both at a strategic and operational level. We provide consultations.

Process optimization, consultancy

A123 agency have accumulated many years of experience in the technical processes of digital printing. We optimise the technical, order management and production processes of digital printing house.

Individual project management, production management

Design and manufacture of tarpaulins for various size offshore reels.
Design and production of one-of-a-kind aluminum Data plates.



Effective marketing and communication are the cornerstones of creating brand awareness and loyalty on a crowded market. A strategy developed by our creativity using both conventional and digital means is designed to appeal to your target audience. We'll make sure your message is reaching people when it needs to be, from persuasive stories to data driven campaigns.


Get a strategic approach to how, what, where and when to communicate to the audiences that matter most to you. Overcome challenges with a plan of practical steps, an annual budget.


Management of business social network accounts, paid digital marketing campaigns: Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads.


Find out a way how to stand out in the market by creating a unique employer image based on you, your business strengths and not blindly making a copycat of others.



In capturing the attention, and in bringing your brand’s essence into focus, visual aesthetics play an important role. A123 creative team creates striking graphics that embody your brand’s identity. We’re also specialized in the creation of user centered websites, which have stunning appearance and are easy to navigate yet offer an enhanced user experience as well as conversion.

BRANDING, Identity, LOGO development

Our expertise ranges from Brand Strategy to design and implementation, everything residing under one roof.
Brand design (logo, identity, stylescape), art direction, Brand strategy, Brand development, research, Employer branding and etc.

Social network visual packages

Today, not only logo development is very important also business social network communication, brand image and the life of the company.

web design and web development

Give your business a boost online by creating an eye-catching and easy-to-use website to increase B2B sales.



A picture’s worth a thousand words and a video’s worth a lot more. Moments and narrative that demonstrate the culture of your company, service or brand can be captured by our skilled photographers and videographers. With an eye for detail and a penchant for storytelling, we create visual content that engages, informs, and inspires your audience.


Elevate your brand’s visual identity with our expert Business Photography services. Our agency specializes in capturing the essence of your business through striking images that leave a lasting impression, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.


Transform your brand’s storytelling with our professional Business Videography services. We craft compelling video content that engages your audience, conveys your message effectively, and sets your business apart in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

"Fantastic job! Working with A123 forced Us to leave comfort zone, understand the strengths and weaknesses of our services, and take a look from different angle. We have discovered solutions that are ideal for us and are already generating unexpected results. Highly recommended!"

- Edgar C. - Bostmar.lt | CEO

"A big thank you to the A123 agency and especially to Mindaugas Jonuška for the company's brandbook completed from A to Z, as well as for the innovative solutions and proposals. You helped us finally realize what we need. It was a pleasure to work with professionals who know their field and create great value for their clients. Since the creative process is not over yet, we will continue working on with A123."

- Arius Urbutis - MES Group UAB | CEO

"Since beginning their engagement with a123.agency, the client has seen success with employee engagement and leads. The team provides effective communication, delivers work on time, and has a flexible approach. a123.agency is value-driven, and their team is easy to collaborate with."

- Vilma A. - Dipwork.com | Marketing manager

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